About theFarmingGuy

Welcome to thefarmingguy.com ‒ a website about creating the best resource for farming in general and taking the very best care of your animals.

My name is Dillon Watson and I’ve been interested in animals my whole life and the unique relationship they have with people in a farming environment.

I am volunteering in a farm in London so I learned a lot about farming along the way, I am committed to ensuring thefarmingguy is the BEST farming resource in can possibly be, for farmers the world over.

Why did I make this website? Simple… I want to help you.

If your new to farming I want to make it as easy as possible for you to care for your animals, and not make any first time farming mistakes. I want to set you on the right path, and avoid the numerous mistakes a new farmer could possible make.

If your already an experienced farmer, I want to make your farm as profitable and environmentally friendly as possible. I want to help you maximize the output of your animals, and ensure they are as healthy and tasty as they can be.

On that note, you’ll find posts about every aspect of farming on this site:

  • Best farming practices
  • List of animal diseases and how to prevent them
  • Best and reasonably products you can buy for your farm
  • Whar your animals can and cannot eat
  • How to keep your animals both healthy and happy
  • Get the best return on your animals
  • Making your farm good for the environment AND your wallet!
  • Everything else you can think of that is farming related

Now, I should note that this website is not the end-all-be-all of farming. It’s a reflection of my knowledge at the time of my writing any particular article.

There could be better farming practises to follow then what I write about here, I’m just sharing the best up to date information I can find as I learn new things about farming. Maybe my opinion will change, as the best farming practises change?

If I do find something new, I will do my best to edit any relevant articles to reflect the new information, as all I want is what is best for YOU and your animals.

Thanks for dropping in. Let’s make our farms the best they can possibly be!